Monday, December 10, 2012

T'was Two Weeks Weeks Before Christmas

I could update you on all the big things I've missed in the last few months, but since all five of my readers are FB friends, I'll just skip that and jump right to something REALLY important...

Christmas Stockings.

I have a friend who makes them. She owns Divastitch12 and is amazing at sewing awesome things. She is also the one who urged/inspired me to buy a sewing machine and a few weeks ago also convinced me I was capable of sewing stockings for my, now, family of five.

I started out on Pinterest {{where I start all my important projects}} and found a link to a pattern I love on etsy at a shop called YardsandYards. I purchased it and on black Friday picked up the fabric necessary. It took a few weeks to make time for them, but once I got going I was SO excited!!

The pattern was SUPER easy to follow. {{I'm new at this whole pattern reading thing, remember?}} But I was pleased to find very detailed instructions with pictures. I even managed to make them all the same size {{Wowza!!}} I had my friend embroider our names on the cuffs and I even managed to make all the names show and hang in the same direction {{A Christmas MIRACLE!!}}

I freakin LOVE THEM!!

Yay!! Christmas!!