Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Shoe Day

For as long as I can remember, I've loved shoes. Picking them out, thinking about the clothes they'd go with, the fantastic times I'd have wearing them. I LOVE shoes. Not just affordable ones either. Christian Louboutin's? Yes, please! Jimmy Choo? I do! Do I care that they are a thousand dollars a pair {{give or take a few hundred dollars}}? No I don't {{because I'm too cheap to buy them, but if I wasn't I would own a room full!}}

There was a time in my life when it was nothing for me to wear 4 or 5 inch heels all day long, every day. I even put heels on once to go put gas in my car {{They make you feel sexy & look skinnier. What girl doesn't want that?}} But my life has come a long way from that and now I'm lucky to get a shower and put make up on in the morning. I've lost a lot of that Me. Not that I mind growoing up and not basing my purchases around which club I'd be wearing what to. It's just that if that me, met this me on the street, she'd be a little lot surprised. But I still like to throw in a sexy shoe every now and then to mix it up a bit.

In February I joined to buy an AWESOME pair of shoes for the military ball we were attending. I wore a black dress and since it was black I thought I'd throw in some color {{and awesomeness}} with my shoes.

Since then, every month I've had the pleasure of what I've deemed "New Shoe Day". They are inexpensive, sexy, high and mostly, really impractical for a mother of two small children. However, once a month I open my front door and for five minutes while I squeal and walk around in them, I am some thing more than Mommy, a maid, and a walking bottle.

She may not get to come out very often but the Megs I used to be is still there, screaming for me to rock some awesome shoes.

This month's pick:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nursing in Public: An Experiment Gone Humorously Wrong

Last Saturday, the hubs, the kids and I braved the crowds and went shopping at the mall in Raleigh. While there, we picked up a "First Christmas" ornament for 2.0, visited with our jeweler and showed off our new sleepy baby. After we finished shopping, J dropped the three of us off at the play area so he could go buy my Christmas present and so Bug could play for a bit.

I thoroughly believe that kids have a timer that goes off as soon as they are left alone with one parent. Particularly, when there's more than one of them. As soon as J walked out of ear shot, 2.0 woke up and was absolutely 'starving' and she was letting me know it. Bug is a Super-daddy's-girl and when she realized he wans't sitting with me she started the beginnings of the most interesting meltdown she has ever thrown {{she did have an audience}}. Like all parents, I assesed the situation and decided the newborn was higher on the priority list. I managed to change 2.0's diaper while she continued to let me know how angry she was for letting her get so hungry {{I use the term 'starving' with a lot of sarcasm. This kid gained 1lb 10oz in 17 days.}} Mean while, my two year old is crying for her daddy throwing herself on the bench and then on the floor and then back on the bench again. Saying, "oh no!" and covering her mouth in a Scarlett O'Hara-esque display. She was being EXTREMELEY ridiculous. The little old lady down the bench from me apologized for laughing. Not that I blame her. It *was* funny.

After changing her, I decided that I would try nursing 2.0 in the moby. For the first time. Ever. I have had several discussions about this with friends and my neighbor even showed me how easy it was while we were out for a walk. {{Can't be too hard. Apparently, people do it all the time!}} I bust out my moby, trying not to laugh at my 2 year old, who is still in hysterics except for when she sees the slide and stops to go play for a moment {{Oh! Something shiny!}} Not to worry though, when she's finished sliding, she returns to her ridiculousness. At this point I have a very angry newborn in my moby and I'm trying to get my boob out without flashing the play area {{cant you just hear the headline? 'Woman arrested in Raleigh for exposing herslef to kids.'}} By now a creepy old man across the play area from us, realizes what I'm doing and has become VERY Interested in what Im doing {{Ew!}}. By this point in the fiasco I'm getting a little flustered {{Weird, right?}}. My boob is half out of my shirt ((covered with the moby)), my VERY angry newborn is trying to nurse on my shirt and right at *this* moment, my 2 year old decides she's angry at her overalls and shimmies right out of them. Right there, in the middle of the play area.

There comes a moment in every new experience where you either conquer the situation or accept defeat. Watching Bug run around in circles, laughing, without her pants on, the creepy old guy trying to catch a glimpse and the screaming 'starving' newborn in the moby = serious defeat.

Note to self: Try these things at home first.