Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 11

A picture of something you hate.

I hate peas SO much. Even finding this picture and having to look at them in a picture made me gag. The texture, the smell, all of it. Yuck! I think they are gross.

Once at a large family dinner, my mom's boyfriend scooped a huge spoonful onto my plate. We grew up in a house where the rule was: serve yourself, eat all your food. If I {{Mom}} serve you, you don't have to eat what you don't like. So her boyfriend gives me this plate and I eat everything except the giant spoonful of peas. And probably anything that they touched. When I asked for more of something he told me that I couldn't have more until I ate my peas. "I don't want to eat the peas. I don't like peas." I blatantly refused and was told, "JUST EAT THE PEAS MEGAN!" Which caught the attention of everyone at the table. Then my mom chimed in and came to my rescue, one of the few times it happened, and said, "She doesn't need to eat the peas. She doesn't like peas." This started a huge awkward, relationship breaking, fight at this table full of people. To this day, if my mom sees that I have left something on my plate, she'll say, "JUST EAT THE PEAS MEGAN!"

Yuck! I hate peas.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 10

A picture of the person you do the craziest things with

Sorry to be boring and predictable, but everything I do, I do with him. Weird, good, bad, ugly & crazy. I love that man!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 9

A picture of the person that has gotten you through the most

I have known MKK since I was Junior in HS. She has gotten me through my crazy family, my crazy ex-husband and my crazy self. She's been there for me when everyone else rolled their eyes at me. I am VERY lucky to have such a GREAT friend.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 8

A picture that makes you laugh

A picture?! Just one?! Yea right!

Halloween 2008. I was Marilyn Monroe and J was... a woman. Want to be seriously disturbed? Do your husband's make up. It will give you nightmares for life.

Memorial Day Weekend 2008. A and I were waiting on our boys to come home and went to visit a friend with a boat. It rained on our heads.

Feb 2008. We walked a mile up to the top of Maltnomah (sp?) Falls where he slipped on a rock and fell one leg into the pool at the top. For a brief second time stood still as he slipped and then caught himself. The panic my older brother and I felt quickly turned to laughter. His one shoe *squishing* and puddling down the side of the mountain didn't help.

Spring of 07. Brad Paisley Concert. After drinking four beers {{or more}} in a short amount of time and laughing so hard almost a whole beer came out my nose, It was definitely time for a photo op. I miss my girls <3!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 7

A picture of your most treasured item

When I think of "most treasured items," I think of the things I would grab if my house were on fire and my family was out safely. J and I bought this painting on our honeymoon. It's beautiful and colorful and it's so nice to look at and it makes you feel like your in Spain. Definitely, the first thing I would grab if this bitch burned down!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 6

Day 6: A picture of the person you'd love to trade places with for one day

I'm not sure about this one. It probably sounds cheesy but I feel that everyone has undesireable things about their life, and I like my life the way it is. I may look at someone's life and see how great they have it and want to be them, but there's always going to be things you can't see. So, I don't have a picture for this one.

I'm just happy being me.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 3

A picture of your favorite TV show cast.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 2

A picture of yourself and the person you're closest with

On our honeymoon... I <3 that man!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some inspiration during a 'drought'

There are some things happening I am not quite ready to blog about yet. I'm very bad about not saying things so I haven't been blogging. Hopefully this inspiration will help get me through this dry spell until I can share the things I want to.

Day 1: A picture of yourself with 10 facts.
Day 2: A picture of yourself and the person you're closest with.
Day 3: A picture of your favorite TV show cast.
Day 4: A picture of your typical night.
Day 5: A picture of something you miss.
Day 6: A picture of the person you'd love to trade places with for one day.
Day 7: A picture of your most treasured item.
Day 8: A picture that makes you laugh.
Day 9: A picture of the person that has gotten you through the most.
Day 10: A picture of the person you do the craziest things with.
Day 11: A picture of something you hate.
Day 12: A picture of something you love.
Day 13: A picture of your favorite band/artist.
Day 14: A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.
Day 15: A picture of something you want to do before you die.
Day 16: A picture of a celebrity you've met.
Day 17: A picture of someone who has made a huge impact on your life.
Day 18: A picture of your biggest insecurity.
Day 19: A picture and a letter.
Day 20: A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel.
Day 21: A picture of something you wish you could forget.
Day 22: A picture of something you wish you were better at.
Day 23: A picture of your favorite book.
Day 24: A picture of something you wish you could change.
Day 25: A picture of your best day.
Day 26: A picture of something that means a lot to you.
Day 27: A picture of you and a family member.
Day 28: A picture of something you're afraid of.
Day 29: A picture that always makes you smile.
Day 30: A picture of someone you miss.
Day 31: A picture of yourself.


Day 1: A Picture of yourself with 10 facts

1.) I hate peas. Always have.
2.) I'm a control freak, but hey, I own it!
3.) I'm afraid of spiders. Every kind. I don't care what size. They are gross.
4.) I love watching Bug read her books.
5.) I'm an asshole. Don't let it bother you.
6.) I'd like to write a book but I have no clue where to start.
7.) I miss my family & friends more than anyone will ever be able to know or understand... ok I'm sure there's a few people out there who get it.
8.) I'm one of the luckiest people I know.
9.) The wind at night makes me restless and I can't sleep.
10.)I can't wait to see the ocean again!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just More Chaos

I know it's been awhile. But I really feel that writing every little thing that happens will get boring. Since my last blog, We have had one military ball, one showing, one in-house horse show, one growing child {{No matter how much coffee we give her, we just can seem to stunt her growing}}, one family moved and enough drama to last us the rest of the year and quite possibly well into the next.

First let's talk about the showing: It was to a single man that apparently didn't want stairs. Why his realtor {{not mine}} ever thought it was anything but a waste of my time and theirs to show him the house, I'll never know. Especially since his main complaint was getting too drunk and falling down the stairs. I can assure you, we've had plenty of drunk people in this house and not one of them has ever come crashing down our stairs. Since I'm psychotic I had to get a pep-talk from my realtor on Monday. I had called her asking her to set up a meeting with the Property Management People, so that in the off chance the house doesn't sell we can make an educated desicion about renting. She talked me down from my self-induced anxiety attack. I'm guessing this happens to her alot, she was quite adept in quelling my fears and even made me hopeful for things to come. As always, I need to slow down and let it happen.

The military ball was great! J was inducted into the Honorable Brotherhood of St. Barbara. This was our first military ball as a couple and only his second in his entire career. The last being when he was a JOE. We went with a couple and a friend that works with J and really just had a great time. And to finish the night off, when we picked Bug up, the ladies watching her told us how great of a child we have. That's always nice to hear!

The in-house horse show was SO MUCH FUN! I have never been to a horse show, much less showed in one and starting out at an In-house was really the way to do it. An In-House is basically the kids and adults from the lessons and it was so nice because I felt like if I made a huge ass out of myself it wouldn't matter because they had all seen it anyways. Sissy and I did well and even though everyone got ribbons, I'm still really proud of the three I got! I started leasing Sissy this month and I'm so excited! She's a great horse and she takes good care of me and makes me look good!

Our growing child. She is a crazy mess. She has got some kind of attitude here recently {{not really sure where she gets it from either **cough, cough**}}. She has started throwing tantrums. And when I say throwing, I mean like slammering herself down face first on the floor and screaming at us. But then she see's something shiny and she's off to destroy the next thing. And the messes she makes... Sometimes I wonder if she secretly morphs into three Bugs when I turn around destroys the whole room{s} and then quickly becomes one child again when I turn back around. She loves books. She'll sit and let us read all the Dr. Suess we can stand. When we've had enough, she'll lay down on her belly on the floor and 'read' them herself. It amazes me still, too, how much my heart still explodes when I look at her. I sure love that kid. Mess and all.

Lucky friends of ours got to escape their internment here at Ft. Silly to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. They were great friends and a GREAT help with the work we did on the house. They had a safe trip and I'm sure are wiggling happy toes in Hawaiian sand right now. I can't wait to visit!!

As for the drama, I'm just over it. We are about to start fresh. Fresh state, fresh town, fresh house, fresh school, fresh {{beach}} air. Ok, we won't live on the beach but we'll be a helluva lot closer and I think it's exactly what we need. I just want things to be simple and streamlined and when your living in a thousand days of chaos, the quickest way to stream line is to cutout the drama that can be cut out. We still have no idea what our plan is or when it will happen and I'm doing my best {{with an occasional pep-talk}} to take this all day by day. Today it's working... tomorrow... let's not get ahead of ourselves.