Friday, April 29, 2011

No $h-- there I was... *cuss word warning*

Typing a blog about all the chaos our growing little family is about to endure in the next few weeks and all our plans {which we has just agreed on YESTERDAY}, when in walks my husband, "I've got bad news." The look on his face tells me this isn't the normal, 'oops, I forgot to put out the garbage can' bad news. Or the 'Gas went up another .20' bad news. Damn. I give him the let's-have-it look and he goes on, "They pushed my report date to Bragg back a month. To the end of August." What may have started as in inward groan becomes a very outward groan and I roll my eyes. Not at my husband but at the situation. "Fucking Lawton!" People have been telling us since we got here to be careful abou this place. "Watch out! It'll suck you in and some how never let you leave!" Ok I'm being dramatic. It's not that we're never leaving. It's just that now we have to stay for an extra 6 weeks.

For those of you who may not be tracking why this is an issue, I'll start at the top: The first MAJOR issue with having to stay another month is as of May 23rd WE ARE HOMELESS!! J was supposed to take his hat off as of May 31st which meant we had about 2 1/2 weeks of taking over a friend's house before we were to get on the road and leave this dump in the dust. Our plans {{YESTERDAY}} were that Bug and I would take the last opportunity for her and I to travel for the cost of one, to go see my madre and the rest of our family in CA for a couple weeks. Then when we were finished with a nice relaxing visit, we'd fly to NC and J would meet us there. Probably around the 5th-ish of the month. Easiest on everyone. Only J and the dogs have to crash at his friend's house and only J and the dogs have to be in the car for two days straight on the drive from OK. Well NOW, J won't be taking his hat off until the damn end of July. The crappy thing is I'm pretty sure they won't ship out stuff this early which means we'll have to move ourselves to storage until then.

We have options. Quite a few of them. Lack of options is not what stresses me out about this situation. The problem is that 2/3s of our options means Bug and I will be away from J until he can out process from Ft. Sill in July. To civilian families being apart from one another this amount a time probably doesn't seem like an issue. But any military family knows that being apart any length of time sucks because there is ALWAYS an impending deployment. That's right, we're expecting J to leave at some point in the fall {{the name of this blog wasn't just a clever take on life}}, which means Bug and I would be away from him over the summer and then, the two of us plus aother, would be away from him for a deployment.

I've had people asking me the same questions I have spinning through my head all morning until I thought my head would explode. I don't know what we'll do, or how things will work out, I just know they will. I also know this is somewhat our fault. We made a plan and plans and the military never work out. Grace under pressure is one of the key characteristics of a military spouse.

Time to try again.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cry, Cry Baby

Before I had Bug, I always rolled my eyes when parents gushed about their heart exploding every time their child cried. I definitely wasn't going to be one of those parents. Then I had her and everytime she was crying, I realized that I would jump through flaming hoops over shark pools if it would make her stop. My husband swears this is a Megs-thing and not a mom-thing. He laughs when I cry because she's hurt and crying. Her and I made quite a pair the day she fell down the stairs. We wont even talk about the number of times I have called the ER in hysterics sure she was on the verge of 'death'.

Now that she's getting older it's not so simple to make her stop, when she's crying. It used to be that a bottle and a cuddle would make her happy. Now she stands in front of me demanding in little Buggie-language that I bend to her will and do what she wants and when I don't she throws a HUGE fit {{seriously, as if that ever helps the situation}}.

Suddenly her crying has become less endearing.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Homemade Yumm!

One of the perks of making a human is that you're relatively free to eat whatever sounds good, WHENEVER it sounds good. Recently, Baby 2.0 has been on the baby delivery line for soup. Mostly, I've just made homemade chicken noodle; though the other day I tried my hand at a vegetable chicken tortellini soup that turned out mighty scrumptious. In search of more soup recipes, Tuesday, I was browsing I didn't find a soup recipe though, instead I found a tasty looking recipe for homemade cinnamon rolls.

The recipe is fairly simple but it did take quite a bit longer than I anticipated.

The batter for the dough was very easy to make.

Letting it rise was killer! This fat kid just wanted some hot cinnamon rolls!!

I didn't have a cutting board or anything large enough to roll the dough out so I laid some saran wrap down on my counter. It actually made the rolling up process easier and clean up MUCH quicker!

I used the amounts listed in the recipe. The rolls were delicious but VERY sweet. Hello! It's a Paula Deen recipe, I should have known! I'm betting you could cut the sugar in this step by 1/2 to 2/3's of a cup and it would still be delicious. I did have to laugh, in the video of her making these she added raisins for their "healthy" benefits. I'm thinking if your adding 1/2 a cup of raisins to 2 cups of sugar, your losing any health benefits you may have gained by adding them.

Rolling up the dough was fun and as I said earlier the saran wrap on the counter made it super easy to do.

Rising again in my ((messy)) microwave. When they went into the oven they smelled the house up nicely!

While they were baking I made the glaze and let Bug lick the whisk. Licking the whisk is a long standing tradition in our family and I was so excited Bug is finally old enough to get to!

After glazing them, they looked AH-MAZING!! I served them with a nice hot cup of coffee, which I made less sweet than I normally do. If you are a sweet coffee drinker, take mind to how sweet your cup is with these rolls! The coffee was a nice way to kill some of the sugar.

This was a fun recipe to make & it turned out delicious! I'll definitely make it again and can see how it would be great to make ahead if we have company. I will however cut the amount of sugar I put on the inside of the rolls.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm a Lucky Girl

So things haven't gone *quite* the way I had hoped when I found out I was pregnant. Having been through this before I decided that I was going to keep working out and eating well and try not to be a psycho-pregnant lady, like I was last time. And I WAS, last time. Every twinge, every cramp, every pull. I called the dr. So KNOWING IT ALL this time around, I was going to be better. Then RACH ((our local Army Post hospital)) told me that I didn't need to have prenatal care until I got to NC, even if that meant waiting until I was 20+ wks pregnant. That's right. I didn't NEED prenatal care. Scratched that right off the list. That left me with working out and eating properly. I could handle that right??

I was doing good until I started an intimate relationship with my couch.

Thank God for my husband. He has let it slide that I haven't cleaned house in almost five weeks, the fact that we have ten loads of laundry on our bedroom floor and the house hasn't been dusted or vacuumed properly in over a month. It doesn't even phase him. Or he's just smart enough to not say so. He's been helpful when I've been hugging a toilet all day. He lets me nap. And he hasn't complained once about the six meals of soup we've had in the last week. To top it off, this morning I came down stairs to this:

After I asked him what he did and if I was dying or something, he said, "Can't a guy just tell his wife he loves her?"

Indeed. I'm a lucky girl!

Testing, Testing, Comments form

Ok, so I got a WONDERFUL comment from one of my favorite bloggers, K at Uncorked & Unwined, on my Sugar Bee's blog about not being able to leave a comment. I've also gotten a note about this from Bonnie at The Sometimes Single Mom. So I'm thinking I need to see if I can't figure out what is wrong.

I changed the only setting I could think of that would be causing the problem, now all I need is comments to test! If this doesn't work I'll have to e-mail blogger and find out what's up.

If you try and can't leave a message please e-mail me at and let me know it's not working.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some BIG Announcements!!

#1)) Surprise!!

We are SO excited to announce Baby 2.0 - 10wks EDD 11/15!!

This is the reason I've been so quiet lately. I've been sick quite a bit + not wanting to say anything that would give it away, makes for a very quiet blogger. I don't want the blog to turn in to a baby blog, but Baby 2.0 will definitely be adding to the choas of the next six months :o)

How we found out: I was feeling really weird one day and decided just to take a test and get it out of my system and there was two IMMEDIATE dark lines. I ran all crazy down the stairs and scared the tar out of my husband who asked what my problem was and I showed him the test. He got this big huge smile on his face and gave me the biggest hug ((He's excited!!))

Cravings: I have been eating like JoJo the circus freak. It's ridiculous. Another meal every 40 minutes.

How I've been feeling: Except for a couple days of all day nausea and grossnes ((and thanks to Zofran)) I've only been sick in the morning. I get sick, then I'm over it and can go about my business. It's a big difference from Bug where I was sick 6-7 times a day the whole time I was pregnant. I have been VERY VERY tired. Some days after running errands or doing chores I can't even keep my eyes open. Some days it feels like my exhaustion is part of the gross feeling.

Next Appt is 5/11 :) I'll keep you posted

#2)) The House

SOLD!! Yay!! I have been waiting for the inspection & the appraisal to be finished before announcing it, in case the buyer backed out or something came up. But we are past the hurdles and just have a few things to fix and we close on May 23rd!

Now starts the REAL fun!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chicken Soup

Recently, I have had a MIGHTY need for chicken soup. I have made it homemade for about six years and now canned soup or condensed soup is hardly allowed in the house. Today, while eating my fourth lunch-time bowl, I wondered, what is it about homemade soup that just warms you up all over and makes you feel *so* good? Bad day? Chicken soup. Feeling sick? Heartbroken? Menstrating? Happy? Sad? Cold? Tired? Hungry? Chicken Soup. It really is food for the soul.

Since I have been enjoying it quite a bit as of late, I thought I would share my delicious, quick recipe with all of you. This is my quick lunch-time recipe but it can be altered to serve many at dinner time.

1 Carrot
1 Celery Stalk
1/4 white onion
((finely shop all veggies))
3 tbsp Butter - or marg
1 chicken breast or the leftover pickings from last night's chicken dinner
1 cup of favorite pasta ((I use spirals that I break in half))
1 bx Chicken Stock
Garlic Powder

Melt butter in stock pot with salt, pepper and garlic powder.
Add Veggies once butter is almost melted and mix well. Cover and let cook until onion is clear.
Add Chicken Stock & pasta. Bring to boil.
While that is boiling, chop chicken into small pieces.
Add Chicken.
Salt & Pepper to taste.
Cook for about 10 minutes.

Its quick, delicious & SIMPLE!! Pair with your favorite loaf of bread for an even better treat!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Friend-break-up

Well actually, I'm just ready to talk about something that has been bothering me for awhile. Trying to get it together in my head what I would say, exactly. How I'd want it to come across. I've been going through a break up of sorts from a friend I was fairly close to. I don't know if it's because I'm older now and can over analyze everything or if I've just ignored it until now, but the similarities in a friendship-break-up and a relationship-break-up are almost the same. You have to learn to fill your time with other things, other places, other people. When you have exciting news, you have to figure out someone new to call. You have to find new people to rely on.

For most people, after either kind of break up, they are left questioning their "picker". You know that little thing that points you at one person and not another. Be friends with her and not him and so on. I have had a streak of a few years of bad picking. I'm three for three. That's right, three for THREE. It's my own fault, I do it to myself and I'm not sure why. I allow people to take advantage of me, walk all over me, control the situation - just simply because I could care less. Then one day I realize its the fourth {{or ninth}} day in a row I'm visiting their house and they haven't been to mine in two weeks... or has it been three? Perhaps they never hung out at my house. Surely, that can't be right? How could I have a friend who's never hung out at my house? At about the time I have this realization, I start noticing other things that are less than desirable traits in people who are supposed to care about you. Like a crow sitting in the back of my brain, picking, picking, picking.

Maybe its their grammar. Maybe its a lie. Just a small one, but a lie nonetheless. Maybe its the way they speak to their spouse. Maybe its the lack of big-girl-panties and grown-upness. Maybe it's just their actions in general. A person's actions during bad times are a direct reflection to what their character is. My character is one of the most important things to me. If someone I'm hanging out with starts doing things that aren't in good character, bad things I'm going to be associated with, it's time to reconsider the situation.

This picking goes on in my brain for awhile. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, mostly. I want to really make sure I'll be good and tired of the situation before I back off. Then one day something happens, whether it be getting dicked over by someone you've been helping for 8 months, emotional breakdowns or an adult being unnecessarily rude to a 14 year old child that's not hers. Whatever it is, it happens and I'm done. No fight. No yelling, no talking, no nothing. Just. done. Doesn't need an explanation.

So, this is whats been rolling around in my brain for the last month. Getting over yet another bad friendship. Wondering if I could possibly keep from doing this to myself again in the future. Wondering if I should have paid closer attention to something. Wondering if I should have listened when J {{and others}} points these things out? wondering...

Just like any break-up... just left wondering.