Tuesday, February 1, 2011


J and I bought P90X when I was four months pregnant. Yes, that means we've had it for almost two years. We decided before we went on our Christmas/Holiday vacation that we were going to start doing it once things settled down. He needs to do it because he currently does not do PT thanks to his over-night work hours and while I'm back down to lower than pre-pregnancy weight, I still have THE ROLL. I have this theory that every mom knows about THE ROLL. It's that oh-so-attractive roll of loose skin you get from having a life grow ((and grow and grow and grow)) inside your belly. It's not necessarily fat. Just skin that hangs over your pants when you sit or bend over and all in all it's just gross. Not only that, but I am a firm believer that a person should take time to 'worry' about the way they look. I'm the kind of girl that puts make up on even when all Im doing all day is sitting at home. I often explain it to J that if I lose interest in how I look, how could he not? At one point in my life I was a rather large person and since I've lost that weight (90Ibs - and that was not baby wight), maintaining myself is one of my top 5 prioroties.

I hate working out in front of people. I'm Irish so my face turns beat red and I get all sweaty and breathing hard and it's just gross. I feel like people are staring at the poor red girl thats about to have a heart attack. The fact that J is a DS and watched people who 'cant' or who quit while they are doing their PT and he makes fun of them was also not lost on me and I was a little nervous about working out in front of him. But we had put it off long enough and yesterday, J and I FINALLY started P90X.

About the only thing I can say now is oooooouuuuuch! It feels good to be working out and actually we keep each other motivated instead of how I thought it would be ((him pointing and laughing at me)). Hopefully, this will help THE ROLL...

Now I'm off to make dinner... if I can lift my arms that high.

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