Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 8

A picture that makes you laugh

A picture?! Just one?! Yea right!

Halloween 2008. I was Marilyn Monroe and J was... a woman. Want to be seriously disturbed? Do your husband's make up. It will give you nightmares for life.

Memorial Day Weekend 2008. A and I were waiting on our boys to come home and went to visit a friend with a boat. It rained on our heads.

Feb 2008. We walked a mile up to the top of Maltnomah (sp?) Falls where he slipped on a rock and fell one leg into the pool at the top. For a brief second time stood still as he slipped and then caught himself. The panic my older brother and I felt quickly turned to laughter. His one shoe *squishing* and puddling down the side of the mountain didn't help.

Spring of 07. Brad Paisley Concert. After drinking four beers {{or more}} in a short amount of time and laughing so hard almost a whole beer came out my nose, It was definitely time for a photo op. I miss my girls <3!

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