Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some BIG Announcements!!

#1)) Surprise!!

We are SO excited to announce Baby 2.0 - 10wks EDD 11/15!!

This is the reason I've been so quiet lately. I've been sick quite a bit + not wanting to say anything that would give it away, makes for a very quiet blogger. I don't want the blog to turn in to a baby blog, but Baby 2.0 will definitely be adding to the choas of the next six months :o)

How we found out: I was feeling really weird one day and decided just to take a test and get it out of my system and there was two IMMEDIATE dark lines. I ran all crazy down the stairs and scared the tar out of my husband who asked what my problem was and I showed him the test. He got this big huge smile on his face and gave me the biggest hug ((He's excited!!))

Cravings: I have been eating like JoJo the circus freak. It's ridiculous. Another meal every 40 minutes.

How I've been feeling: Except for a couple days of all day nausea and grossnes ((and thanks to Zofran)) I've only been sick in the morning. I get sick, then I'm over it and can go about my business. It's a big difference from Bug where I was sick 6-7 times a day the whole time I was pregnant. I have been VERY VERY tired. Some days after running errands or doing chores I can't even keep my eyes open. Some days it feels like my exhaustion is part of the gross feeling.

Next Appt is 5/11 :) I'll keep you posted

#2)) The House

SOLD!! Yay!! I have been waiting for the inspection & the appraisal to be finished before announcing it, in case the buyer backed out or something came up. But we are past the hurdles and just have a few things to fix and we close on May 23rd!

Now starts the REAL fun!!

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