Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bump Post

This will be my first official Bump-Post. I'm a huge fan of another pregnant blogger and I like the way she formats her baby posts. Hopefully she won't mind that I'm using it. I am 13 weeks today and my first official appointment is tomorrow. Yes. That's right, I haven't seen an OB yet. Some day I'll do a "Oh how I love military hospitals" post. Today isn't that day. I won't be doing this every week. For one, I don't have time and for two, most of you don't care.

Size of baby: This Week Baby 2.0 is the size of a medium shrimp.

Total Weight Gained: I'm not sure. Maybe a pound or two.

Maternity Clothes: I am wearing some because they are comfortable. But for the most part I still fit into most of my jeans except some of them I have to use the hair-tie trick on.

Gender: Unknown. Hoping to learn the sex the first week of June.

Movement: I have been feeling little things every now and then but wasn't sure I could actually feel it this early. But today I sneezed and my belly went crazy.

Sleep: I've been having a hard time sleeping with everything going on. But I've been exhausted.

What I miss: Hunter Jumper :o( I miss the barn and my barn family and riding on Sissy. Eating food and being satisfied and wine.

Cravings: The last couple of days it has been orange julius. But up until then I have not thought ANY thing has tasted or sounded good.

Aversions: EVERYTHING.

Symptoms: Horrific nausea and vomitting. ALL DAY. It's been awful. For everyone in the house. I wonder if whining is a prenatal symptom??

Best Moment this week: Will hopefully be when I talk to my doctor tomorrow and he helps out with this awful morning sickness I've been having. Plus, I have a few things to discuss with him about his FINE {{Rude}} staff.

Exciting wasn't it?

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Uncork and Unwined said...

Aww, of course I dont mind! =)

Im so happy you're preggers too! Cant wait to hear what you're having. I still need to type up my gender reveal post and a new update!