Saturday, November 12, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things {{This week}}

1.) Pink Squishy Babies!!

2.0 Arrived on Monday! It was fast & I didn't even believe it was really happening until they broke my water {{what?! - I know denial isn't just a river in Egypt}}. She is perfect and we are so blessed with our little family. More to come on her arrival later but for now:

2.) I can't mention a 2.0 without mentioning the 1.0

Bug is a fantastic big sister! She always asks where her "Baby Sissers" is and she talks to her and rubs her head. When her "Baby Sissers" is crying she gets worried and even asks if she's ok. It's very sweet and I am one VERY glad Momma.

3.) Our new Chrysler Town & Country

Yes, {{*facepalm*}} you read that right. We are the new proud owners of a fully loaded... minivan. You can laugh, it's ok. We do. We have even discussed family masks for while we are driving it so no one will recognize us. However, it has saved us some money, given us a whole bunch more room and it even came with dual DVD players - which Bug has become a HUGE fan of. {{I know what your thinking... It's still a minivan.}} This week it has come in extra handy. The empty third row has become my quiet place to nurse a hungry baby or pump away engorgement where no one can watch. You can't put value on these things, people. And thats coming from someone who pretty much would have bet their soul five years ago they'd never {{NEVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER}} own a minivan.

4.)Belly Binders

Or Post Partum Belly Wraps {{I have a plain white hospital-grade one, but you can find some really nice ones here}} A friend of mine gave me hers to use for after I had 2.0. I didn't use one after Bug and didn't really know they made that much of a difference... but they do. If you are expecting I HIGHLY suggest investing in a post partum belly wrap to help your baby belly go down.

5.) Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags

These are kind of a no brainer. I never used them when I had Bug because the little punk out ate my supply no matter what I did. This time - thanks to an awesome little latcher - I already have a bunch of back stock in the freezer and these bags rock as containers. They have a double seal and a nice little space for labeling them with the date and amount of BM enclosed.

6.) Cape Fear Valley Medical Center

I heard all sorts of awful terrible things. Plus I had some pretty bad pre-concieved notions about what kind of care I was going to get thanks to the lack there of from certain providers at my OB clinic. But we had a great experience and an excellent birthing team and my only real complaint is they wouldn't leave me alone {{aka they were attentative}}. Which is not really a viable complaint.

7.) Knowing people

I have a cousin who is a RN and I've bugged her my entire pregnancy {{and even a little since}} for instant access to medical advice. It's been awesome and I SOOOOO appreciate it. If I were a nurse I would charge by the text ;)

8.) My awesome husband

I certainly cannot discuss our family without mentioning him. He's been great this week and I love him and our little family SO much!

and last but not least...

9.) Milky Way Candy Bars

I don't know, must be the hormones.

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