Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Monday 2.0 will be four months old {{16wks}}. Can you believe it? FOUR MONTHS!! Since I will probably be fairly busy on Monday dealing with other things, I thought I would post about it now.

At four months, she's a talkative little button. She'll have "conversations" with anyone who will stand still long enough to chat with her. She has the cutest ridiculous cheeks that roll down over her collar bone and even some little dimples when she smiles, which is a lot. She's not a fan of tummy time but I try often. She LOVES Mommy. Bug was an instant Daddy's Girl. 2.0 seems to be more of a Mommy's girl {{which I am perfectly OK with}} and she melts my heart with the love on her face when she smiles at me. She is a little porker. We go through about 2.5 boxes of formula every two weeks and she has the leg rolls to show for it. She likes to see what is going on around her but will also sleep pretty much any where, through pretty much anything {{the other night a power outage sent our smoke detectors off and both girls didn't even move}}. She is also looking more and more like her sister did - which means she is taking after J. There are some differences but every now and then she throws a face and I get flashbacks to when Bug was little. She is now sleeping through the night {{it's been a full week!! Woo hoo!!}} in her own crib. Now that we all are sleeping better our mornings are that much happier. She is a cozy little baby. Content to be cuddled or happy to just play and check things out. SHe thinks her big sister is hilarious and Bug still finds 2.0 entertaining and is still willing to share her stuff with her. The other day we had to have the please-don't-feed-baby-sister-cheerios talk. I'm enjoying the sharing as long as possible, though.

One Day Old

One Month Old

Two Months Old

Three Months Old

Four Months Old

I truly am one blessed Mama!!


Kathryn said...

She is sooo cute!!! It's amazing how fast time flies when they are little isn't it?

Marion said...

wonderful update on Lyla. i'll be hitnking of you this week as you help J get ready to deploy. love you.