Monday, February 13, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things - 3rd Edition

~ A full nights sleep!! And {{AND!!}} having both girls almost on the same sleep schedule!! Yes!! I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN!! Last week, I decided it was time to move 2.0 to her own room. She's a noisy little piggy when she sleeps. Grunting and snorting. Groaning and squeaking. The first night, her and I kind of had it out about it. She fought me for a good two hours and after giving up at 11pm, I was determined to win. The next day I laid her down, when Bug napped, in her crib. They both slept for two full hours {{Insert crazy maniacal laughter here!!}} Seriously, TWO FULL HOURS of free time!! That night 2.0 went right to sleep in her own crib and slept. All. Night. I thought it might be a fluke so I didn't say anything, lest I curse the situation. Here we are three nights {{and mornings}} later and it. Is. AWESOME!!

~ Day Dates with the husband. We're so romantic. We have an opportunity to drop the kids off for a couple of hours and what do we do?

Why go to the gun club, of course!

Our Secondary Security System {{Every girl should have one!!}}

It had been almost 7 years since I've fired a weapon. My shot grouping was awesome but couldn't hit the center of the target for nothing. The good news is, I was hitting the target and with the range pretty much right across the street, I can go practice whenever I want.

~ Having plans for Bug to get some social interaction {{even though its kind of self serving because I get to see one of my favorite people and it will give me free time too}}. Today Bug is going to start going to The Little Gym for playtime. As much as I think it's important for me to get social interaction while J is gone, it's probably just as important for her. So we are starting this week so she'll have something to look forward to during the week.

~ Big Blue.... Walls {{haha! Dirty mind!!}} I painted the main wall in our living room on Friday to cover up my child's vandalism artwork because people were supposed to be coming over on Saturday and I just couldn't stand for there to be primer squares on the wall for company. I had been planning to do it anyways but sometimes painting in color can be a bit scary. The color turned out PERFECT!! I loved it so much I painted another wall blue {{also pre-planned but again color can be scary!}}. Advice to you if your thinking about painting - embrace the fear and doooo eeet!

~ Orders. I <3 orders. They make my day/week/month. I love doing something that is for something so special and so personal, like for a wedding or a newborn. It makes me happy to be a part of someone's day and possibly maybe even make it a little more special. I got to blast some champagne glasses for a wedding coming up. They are a surprise so I can't share them just yet, but they are fantastic!! I hope the bride loves them as much as I do!! If you'd like to see more of the stuff I do you can check out THIS page.

~ Tax Returns. I mean, really, Do I even need to say more than that?

~Daddy-Daughter dates. J took Bug to make a "tweasure" box at the Lowe's. It was very sweet and they both loved it!

Have a great day!!

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