Friday, February 3, 2012

Sewing For Grandma

When I was in third grade my little brother and I lived with my Grandma for the school year and the summer after. It's one of the best years I remember. We went to school with cousins and they were always about to play with. Total kid-chaos.

One thing I fondly remember from that time, is sitting in my grandmothers sewing room with my cousins while she made us stuff. Nothing of any real importance, but it was stuff made just for us. Just-for-us-stuff. My grandma was handy like that. She even used to make my clothes. I remember one outfit in particular. It was a red & white sailor-esque button up shirt with the square collar part that hung down in back? Totally mortifying to think about now, but I LOVED it then because it was made just for me.

A couple of weeks ago, while perusing Pinterest {{*shaking fist* DAMN YOU PINTEREST!!}} I decided I needed a sewing machine. Then I could do all the fun things my grandma did with me, with Bug. How fun! Never mind that the last {{and first}} time I ever used a sewing machine to sew, {{as apposed to using it as a junk rack}} I made curtains that hung at an angle. But hey, I spent that one summer with my grandma when I was eight, watching her sew. I should have caught some kind of talent through osmosis. Right?

I don't know how, {{especially after reiterating my curtain story}} but I managed to talk my husband into letting me buy a nice one that my neighbor found for me on Craigslist. My neighbor sews for a living. It's what she went to college for. She has a cute shop on Etsy and sells neat stuff. I tell you this not so you'll go buy her stuff {{which you could do if you want}} but so you know when she says, 'it's a good machine,' you can take her word for it. So I bought this great sewing machine this week. Then went and spent all sorts of money on fabric and things to 'practice' on. The girls will each get a blanket, a stuffed toy pattern and a wheelchair organizer for my Grandma.

The fifth time I pulled a seam on the chair organizer, I had to laugh. Osmosis. No one learns sewing through osmosis. Osmosis is for filtering water!



Marion said...

keep at it; you will find that pinning edges together at a right angle to the edge will help keep things straight. Once htings are turned right side out and stuffed, you will never see an uneven seam. Enjoy! I'm glad Ashley can see your new home and be with you as Jeremy deploys. you are in my thoughts so often. Love, Marion

Jessie said...

I think that you are amazing for jumping right in! Can't wait to see the finished product. :)