Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nothing but an adventure

I hate chaos. I'm a control freak. The things that have gone on in my life have made me loathe to not be in controlof every little thing that happens. I plan ahead. I make lists. I organize. I plan ahead some more. And usually when Im done planning ahead, I'll go ahead and plan some more. Most of you military wives know that military wifedom and control-freakness do not go hand in hand. I can plan my pretty little life away and it would mean exactly dick tomorrow when Uncle Sam changes his mind about some important aspect of my life. Since I have been married, I have learned and re-learned this lesson. I'm quite humble in it actually. I think I've adapted fairly well and now I plan my day and not my week. Or month. Or year.

Tomorrow starts the beginning of a long amount of time that I will not be able to plan for anything, but my life will be changing. Let's have a run down shall we? We are scheduled to leave here in 138 days ((cough,cough. Not that anyone is counting)) We are going back to Ft. Bragg where we will stay with friends. That is about the only FIRM plans we can have. J's orders have him currently going to an MP unit. He's not an MP and we are pretty sure they don't have a space for his MOS. This means we don't know which unit he will going to. We won't know that until he signs in and they find a place for him. This also means we should go ahead and assume that he will be possibly be deploying relatively quickly - depending on which unit he goes to. If he does deploy quickly, Bug and I will probably go stay with my madre to save money for a nice house when he comes back. If he doesn't then we'll be trying to find a place to live/work/ride. Here is the where the chaos comes in; the variables. Oh the variables. I have never been a fan of math. Now I know why, It's the damn variables. And those are just for this Summer.

Let's talk about now. We are hoping to list the house in the end of Feb/beginning of March. Depends on how long it takes us to get everything done that we'd like to get done to it before we list it. If the house sells right away, we'll have to move before we move. If it doesn't sell at all... more variables. This would be where the business decision to stop focusing money and effort into marketing and customers comes in. There's no use in advertising for a service I can't do because my equipment is in storage.

Believe it or not I'm ok with all of this. I'll be ok as long as I can find good stables where I can ride a couple of times a week. I'm most worried about my poor child who is going to be moved from her home and all of her stuff to someone else's home, then her daddy might leave and then we'll move again, but we can't tell her where. I'm a little concerned as to the effects all of this will have on her.

So there it is. It may not last 1,000 days but I'm sure it will feel like it.

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