Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our pre-listing walk through

Well, we're finished. Our house is officially a "Coming Soon!" property. The meeting started well and then took a turn for the worse with a strategically placed "Let's be realistic." We are some of the most realistic people I have ever known. Apparently, not realistic enough. We are starting the listing out at $114,900. This is her way of patting our heads. She doesn't really agree with this price but she could see from our faces ((and probably the 'yay! we'll be able to have Mcdonald's when the house sells!' comments)) that it was necessary to patronize us for a bit. Playing along with the nice people because they just dumped a bunch of money into a house that's not worth anything. In a few weeks we'll drop the listing price $5,000 to show we are motivated sellers. This part is true. Having the house sold would make our life quite a bit less stressful when it's moving time. So we agreed. It is done.

There is a whole list of fun things that need to be done between "Coming Soon!" and New "Listing". I was about to cry wondering how I am going to keep a house clean enough to show with a 16 month old running around and all of the work we have three whole weeks to accomplish. Then J's dad called. J's dad is God's way of giving back to me what I lost in the sorry excuse for a dad I got. Every time we have called and asked for his help, he has taken care of it. Now is no different. In about ten days he and J's aunt will be here to knock out this list. By Feb 14th we'll have new shutters, newly painted trim, a frshly painted front door, new columns on the front of the house and some other odds and ends. We'll also have nothing on our walls and half of our furniture will be moved to storage to allow potential buyers to envision and place their own furniture. Still overwhlming but not quite so daunting.

Yay for progress. And chaos.

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