Friday, February 18, 2011

Can't, Never Could

The house is finished. Yesterday at about 3pm we finally got the house cleaned enough for showings. The house looks amazing and the listing is good. We have one chore left - take a garage full of stuff to a storage unit, but luckily we have awesome nieghbors and I woke up to a trailor in my driveway this morning so we can do it in one load. We've done everything we possibly can monetary wise to "maximize" our house. Now it's up to buyers.

There are so many things we've just gotten done and now it feels like we should have done them when we got here. As I sit here, watching the sunrise from my 'office' window and rub my feet on our new carpeting, I feel like making myself an office out of this spare room should have been one of them. We should have laid the carpet when we got here. The hardwoods were in bad shape and I was naive to think we could ever fix them ourselves or afford to have professionals fix them. Plus, not only does our house appear to be clean because those trashed wood floors aren't staring us in the face, but our child LOVES the carpet. When it was first installed she went room by room and swished her hands through the carpet laughing. Yesterday, Bug and I were in our room spinning in circles, going "Whoa whoa whoa" ((she's a cute kid)) and falling over, giggling. On to carpet. All this space we've wasted this whole time because it's not like she could crawl around up here, theres no telling what she would have found to eat. Now she can play up here all she wants and it's time to move.

Not only the carpets, but the work we did to the out side we should have done a LONG time ago, too. For two years I have been pulling up to an overwhelming gross house in serious disrepair, that needed too much work. I pulled up after my class last night and thought, 'Wow! Our house is the best looking one on the block!' I even gushed for a second. Everything we did could have been done before now, we just didn't want to. We were too overwhelmed and for awhile I think we thought we couldn't. "We can't do that, we need someone else." or "We can't afford that. It will have to wait." But once we wrote out our list and got it done, it really didn't take that much money, it was mostly effort.

One of the greatest sayings I've ever heard was, "Can't never could." I was fairly young the first time I heard it, I thought it didn't make sense. But it really rings true to this house. Actually, it really rings true with a lot of things I've done since we've been here. You'll never accomplish anything with an 'I can't' attitude because there's a good chance you'll never try.

I hope we rememeber that when we move to our next better house :o)

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