Friday, April 22, 2011

Homemade Yumm!

One of the perks of making a human is that you're relatively free to eat whatever sounds good, WHENEVER it sounds good. Recently, Baby 2.0 has been on the baby delivery line for soup. Mostly, I've just made homemade chicken noodle; though the other day I tried my hand at a vegetable chicken tortellini soup that turned out mighty scrumptious. In search of more soup recipes, Tuesday, I was browsing I didn't find a soup recipe though, instead I found a tasty looking recipe for homemade cinnamon rolls.

The recipe is fairly simple but it did take quite a bit longer than I anticipated.

The batter for the dough was very easy to make.

Letting it rise was killer! This fat kid just wanted some hot cinnamon rolls!!

I didn't have a cutting board or anything large enough to roll the dough out so I laid some saran wrap down on my counter. It actually made the rolling up process easier and clean up MUCH quicker!

I used the amounts listed in the recipe. The rolls were delicious but VERY sweet. Hello! It's a Paula Deen recipe, I should have known! I'm betting you could cut the sugar in this step by 1/2 to 2/3's of a cup and it would still be delicious. I did have to laugh, in the video of her making these she added raisins for their "healthy" benefits. I'm thinking if your adding 1/2 a cup of raisins to 2 cups of sugar, your losing any health benefits you may have gained by adding them.

Rolling up the dough was fun and as I said earlier the saran wrap on the counter made it super easy to do.

Rising again in my ((messy)) microwave. When they went into the oven they smelled the house up nicely!

While they were baking I made the glaze and let Bug lick the whisk. Licking the whisk is a long standing tradition in our family and I was so excited Bug is finally old enough to get to!

After glazing them, they looked AH-MAZING!! I served them with a nice hot cup of coffee, which I made less sweet than I normally do. If you are a sweet coffee drinker, take mind to how sweet your cup is with these rolls! The coffee was a nice way to kill some of the sugar.

This was a fun recipe to make & it turned out delicious! I'll definitely make it again and can see how it would be great to make ahead if we have company. I will however cut the amount of sugar I put on the inside of the rolls.


Everything God Wants Me To Be said...

holy moly those look FREAKING YUMMY!!!!!!! OMG i want a cinni!!!

Kasi said...

Cute blog! I found your blog from one of your post on and I'm due like 13 days after you! :) Congrats on the baby and the house selling! Check out my blog...