Monday, April 25, 2011

Cry, Cry Baby

Before I had Bug, I always rolled my eyes when parents gushed about their heart exploding every time their child cried. I definitely wasn't going to be one of those parents. Then I had her and everytime she was crying, I realized that I would jump through flaming hoops over shark pools if it would make her stop. My husband swears this is a Megs-thing and not a mom-thing. He laughs when I cry because she's hurt and crying. Her and I made quite a pair the day she fell down the stairs. We wont even talk about the number of times I have called the ER in hysterics sure she was on the verge of 'death'.

Now that she's getting older it's not so simple to make her stop, when she's crying. It used to be that a bottle and a cuddle would make her happy. Now she stands in front of me demanding in little Buggie-language that I bend to her will and do what she wants and when I don't she throws a HUGE fit {{seriously, as if that ever helps the situation}}.

Suddenly her crying has become less endearing.