Saturday, May 7, 2011

Feeling a Little Less Stressed

Today is the first day all week I've felt some what on top of things. I have been pretty sick the last few weeks ((there will be more about that in a post on Tuesday)) and I've been having a hard time accomplishing anything and being of any use at all. Well, with my 4am meltdown the other morning, came a nice wake up call and I've been doing things when I'm feeling well enough, just to get things done.

We have the handy-man scheduled to come out and fix ALL of our lender required repairs on Tuesday. This is a HUGE weight off our shoulders. This was one of the things I was stressing most and I'm so glad it's almost over! Also, I've managed to get a good start on a "trash" list, a packing list for each side of the country we'll be on, and a "To-do" list of things that have to be done. This week I've gotten a lot of laundry done and we were able to get almost all of it put away. I even managed to sort mine and Bug's clothes into what can be packed for later use and what we'll need to take with us.

J and I have also been talking a lot the last couple days about how things are going to go. He's going to try really hard to get transportation to come and move our stuff to storage at Bragg. This would be a HUGE help to us because then we won't have to move it from our house to a storage unit and have them go to the storage unit later to un-pack all of our stuff just to re-pack and load it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath. I have a math final Monday night and I have until Wednesday to take care of the remaining things for my speech class. Then those will be two less things I have to worry about.

It's nice to be getting things done.

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