Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little Bit of Catch Up

Wow, has it really bee two full weeks since I graced you all with my presence? My how things do change in a short period of time! This post will be my maiden voyage into phone blogging. So please excuse any spelling or gramatical errors that go un-fixed. When I push clear too many times on my phone, it erases the whole post, which can be very frustrating as you can imagine.

Well, I think I last left you in the middle of a crazy move so let`s start there. Most of our move went off with out a hitch and for us the hardest part about selling our house was closing the sale. There will be a post about this to cover all of my feelings on the subject {{I have SO many}} but I briefly want to touch on the fact that we dealt with a great deal of snags at the end and some how we were the only ones who seemed to have to pay for them. The only great thing about this whole situation {{besides the fact that it`s over}} is the buyer LOVES her new to her house.

After the move, Bug and I spent a nice relaxing week in Ft. Mohave , AZ. Where Bug became so attached to her "papa" it made my heart {{I`m sure his too}} sing. She got to play with her cousins and spend some nice time out in the sun. It was great to be able to see them.

After we returned, J and I took a little drive to our local ultrasound place and learned the sex of the baby. This too shall be fo a later post. I know a lot of you out there in blogger land are expecting and I want to share all my thoughts and feelings about this so if perhaps you may be feeling the same, you will know you arent alone. Baby 2.0 is doing great and is at 18wks gestation right now. My morning sickness has gone except for some occasional nausea I can usually fix with puking or bread.

Bug and I are leaving OK tomorrow and I could not be happier. After our final dry butt raping from the closing of the house I think its safe to say my husband is also excited to be leaving. We {{bug and I}} fly out tomorrow and he will drive out of here as early as he can stand it Monday morning. We already have a real estate agent and a broker we have been dealing with and things look very promising on the next house front. Also, after a chance meeting with this amazing military spouse in our hastings, I have a renewed excitement for SUGAR bee`s to open in NC and have jumped pretty much head first {{no surprise there}} into business prep for the day I can open. After all what better way for a mother of two to help out at home?

Well I`m off for some last quiet time at the barn before we leave. . If I successfully post this I`ll be pretty pleased with my day. Blogs to come: The Great Gender Pressure, Our Trip To AZ, How Not to Sell a House, and much much more. Stay tuned...

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