Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guess Who's Here....??

Transportation!! Yay!! I know, I know. Wtf, right? Not two days ago I was whining about not having orders enough to do anything with and then the unthinkable happened and everything changed. In one little afternoon. Again. Again, again. I had posted on Monday about how we had recieved our orders but that was as far as we got that day.

Yesterday on his way to work J swung into the trasnportation office. Assuming {{and what an a$$ I always turn out to be}} that we would have at least a week to get our stuff in order before the movers would be able to come, I settled into a nice relaxing day at home doing laundry. At 10am I got a text telling me transportation would be here today. So I spent the majority of the day seperating our things into what-can-be-packed-by-movers and what-needs-to-stay-with-us piles.

All the changes in schedule have done a number on our 'vacation' plans. We had to totally cut out the CA leg of our trip and now Bug and I are flying directly to visit with J's family for a bit in AZ, on Saturday. I am excited for Rylee to get to see & play with her cousins and her Uncle and Grandpa. I'm also excited about the posibility of having absolutey nothing to do for a week. All these changes have also done a number on me. I'm exhausted. Like little-kid exhausted where all I want to do is whine and crawl into my bed with my blanky and go to sleep until next Tuesday. To say I am looking foward to the break from all this moving mess is the understatement of the month.

When we get back, Bug and I will be in town for a few days. Just long enough to get in some good J time and find out what the sex of the baby is {{Yay!!}} and then we'll be off on our long road trip to NC.

Well, at least... that's the plan. We all know how well those have been going for us lately...

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