Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hey, Remember Me?

Well, folks, we made it. It took three months and four days of living in other people’s space without our stuff, but we did it. It's been fun. But, thankfully, It’s over. I type to you from my new home office, at my desk, in MY desk chair, drinking coffee from MY favorite coffee cup. It’s a beautiful thing.

The last two weeks of waiting were torture. Well, for me anyways. Not having cable or internet or a vehicle really limits the amount of things you can do during the day. Thankfully, we had a good enough friend who allowed us {{a family of three and a half}} to stay with him {{a single soldier}} while we waited on some elusive move in date. We had two come and go, before we reached our close date, which was so close to being pushed back over a weekend, we were gritting our teeth until we signed every last mortgage document.

Our new house is fantastic! Apart from not being on a large piece of land with a crap ton of horses, it’s pretty much my dream house. It’s a three bedroom with a large bonus and an enclosed office space off of the bonus. {{Haha! That’s right! Thanks to these fabulous glass French doors, I can watch my child play without having to listen to Barney!}} The kitchen came equipped with all of our stainless steel appliances, granite, and a gorgeous island. We also have a beautiful screened in porch with a good sized wooden deck off of it. I waited for the entire closing process for someone to call and laugh at the silly joke they played on us by allowing us to think we could get this house, but it didn’t happen and here we are. I’m in love, can you tell?

Bug is doing great! We were in the house for about a day and a half before our household goods got here. I think, at first, she was kind of feeling jerked around some more, but when we’d leave or enter the house we called it, “Bug’s House” or “Bug’s Room” {{or “Mommy & Daddy’s room” you get the point}} and as soon as they unloaded that first box of toys she was pretty much home. She has been napping and going straight to sleep at night, even asking for “bed” when she’s ready. This is a far different behavior from the screaming, tantrum throwing child we had a month ago.

Speaking of my child, I should mention 2.0 because eventually she'll be here too. It took me four weeks of fighting with my FINE health care system to get to see a doctor. It took so long, the total length of time I went without having prenatal care was eight weeks. Thanks to some failures on the hospital at Ft. Sill's side. But I won't get into that now. When I did FINALLY get to see a physician, I LOVED her! She was great she asked questions, listened, and took notes and did all those doctorly things you expect or hope they do when you feel they are REAL doctors. She ordered an u/s, which we recieved right away, and 2.0 was right where she was supposed to be size and weight wise - if not a little ahead. However, she is sitting "As breach as she can get" with her little tush in my hip socket and her head somewhere near my belly button. We still have lots of time before this becomes an issue so for now... it's fine.

I spent the last few internet-less weeks writing blogs in Word because 1.) I'm lame And 2.) I had nothing else to do so there will be some pyschotic pregnant-rambling blogs coming up here of ways to pass the time should you ever find yourself in my situation. As for me, I should be back now.

Things are returning to normal and normal is so wonderful.

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Uncork and Unwined said...

Im so glad you made it and things are returning to normal. Your house sounds so beautiful!