Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Poor Kid

** I wrote this a month ago. I was having issue with Blogger not allowing me to publish my posts. Now, the problem is solved, so here it is...**

Sometimes, I have remind myself my kid isn't even two yet. She's a little trooper. For the last 8 weeks we have been living in other people's spaces. That means other people's stuff, Other people's rules, Other people's expectations. Last night she had a meltdown leaving the grocery store. Her crying lasted for about 30 minutes while we drove the short distance home and then made and served dinner. The whole time she was in-consolable. As soon as we set food down in front of her, she stopped crying and ate a whole plate of food. She was hungry. Ravenous, if we go off how much she ate. Sure, she could have just told us she was hungry like she normally does, but she doesn't have to be reasonable. She's two. Not even two.

She's done pretty well, as far as I am concerned, for all the craziness we've drug her through the last 8 weeks. We packed up her life and then went to one state, went back to OK, where we lived with a friend and then we got on a plane and moved again. The kid has no clue what's going on. Her biggest issue, other than random meltdowns like the one last night, is going to bed at night. She refuses to go to sleep unless J and I are both in the room with her {{the three of us are sharing at this point}}. Mostly, It's J she can't be without. If he isn't in the room at night and it's time for bed, she has started throwing herself into these epic tantrums. And by epic I mean 45 minute screaming awful by-the-end-of-them-Mommy-wants-to-hang-herself tantrums. They are pitiful too. She cries for her daddy like its actually possible she'll never see him again. Even if hes only in the next room. You can actually hear her heart breaking because he's not there. And, because I'm a military spouse, all I can think while she is doing it is, "What are we going to do when he deploys?" {{this is usually about the time pregnant, hormonal Mommy gets emotional and J has to come rescue us}} But as long as we're all together in the room, she's fine. She may fuss a bit, but she goes to sleep.

So besides bedtime, she's adjusted pretty well. I'm not saying she isn't a brat, but she's a damn good kid. FOR HER AGE. Since we've left Lawton, she's learned how to correctly identify her basic colors plus pink {{she IS a girl}} and she can now also count from one to ten and {{mostly}} correctly identify the numbers of 1 to 10, if you point and ask her which it is. I'd say 95% of the time she gets it and the other 5% she's testing us to see if we know it. We are working on getting to know her letters, but we aren't going crazy the kid is ONLY 22 months old. When we ask her if she wants something she'll really enjoy {{like, say, going to the pool or ice cream}} she responds with, "Yes, Please Daddy/Mommy." And also She's gone from dipping her forehead at us when we ask for a kiss, to making the funniest little kissy-fishy face and kissing us back. Also, when we ask about her baby sister when she points at my belly she says, "Wywa?" {{hehe! I love it!}}

I'm so excited to be getting our house soon. I can't wait for her {{and, um, for me}} to get to sleep in her own bed. With her toys and her stuff in her own house. I know it will be moving and getting settled in, yet again, but I feel like it will be different and the settling will go much faster because it will be in space that is hers. I wish that we could {{properly}} explain to her that it's just a little longer but that brings me back to reminding myself that she's not even two. We can tell her {{and we do}} but that doesn't mean she'll comprehend it the way we want her to.

And like I said, She doesn't have to be reasonable, she's {{not even}} two.

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