Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Another Miscellaneous Monday

Our WEDDING anniversary is tomorrow. Three years ago tomorrow, we celebrated our marriage with family and friends, a taco bar and a five gallon cooler of the tastiest margaritas. I love this man!

I've been thinking about school a lot lately. I was supposed to be done with my associates at the end of the spring semester, but thanks to a "slight oversight" by the registrar's at Ft. Sill, I still have 3 classes to finish. This is frustrating but not half as frustrating as the fact that the VA did some weird switcheroo of my benefits mid-semester and now I owe the college almost $600. I got this awesome letter saying the VA still owed me benefits from when I was in that would give me XX amount of dollars a month and they wanted to exhaust my benefits for me before we started using the benefits J transfered to me. We read the letter and it seemed like a good idea and somehow now I owe the college all this money. So not only am I NOT done, now to complete my degree, I have to dig almost $600 out of my butt so that I can continue. Frustrating. Very frustrating. More frustrating is the fact that I wanted to be done at the end of the spring because of the timing of our move and 2.0's arrival. Even if I could pull the six hundred dollars out of my ass {{and believe me it's not there}} it will still be the spring semester before I will have the sanity to add full-time student back to my title. Awesome.

Speaking of titles, I was able to spend a good couple of hours in my garage yesterday. The weather here has been beautiful the last couple of days allowing me to spend some time outside in fresh air. Yesterday, Bug and I were able to get the garage in some kind of order for Sugar Bee's. I got my sandblaster put back together and the air compressor set up. I also will have a little area in the garage with toys and some carpet for the girls to sit and play when I have to be out there working. Now all I need is the sand and the rest of my supplies to arrive {{all at some point this week}} and I'll be able to get back to work! I'm so happy to get back to business!

Another title I have been enjoying has been 'Mommy.' Bug has been saying so much recently and it seems she picks up new things that make us laugh almost everyday. A few weeks ago she dropped the F-bomb after J said it while telling a story. Unfortunately, we couldn't help but laugh. Needless to say we've been trying to watch our pirate-mouths a bit closer. She also has started singing these awesome little songs we cant {{for the most part}}understand. I especially like the ones when she mentions her daddy or her mommy and 'I love you'. Saturday, I took her with me to get some stuff for 2.0 and she was so cute, pointing at stuff as I handed it to the cashier saying her sister's name.

Preparations for 2.0 have finally started {{*cough, cough* with only 3 months to go, we had to start sometime}}. I opened the door to her room on Friday and quickly closed it. We've been using it as a dumping ground for all things baby and it seriously needs to be organized. Thats on my list for this week. A friend of ours had graciously donated a beautiful white wooden crib and another friend has offered loads of baby-clothes and gear. We have been WAY BLESSED by hand-me-downs, for sure! I really stressed about adding Bug to our family. You always hear about how much things change, especially when your expecting your first. I had no clue what to expect from her, from my husband, from me, and it really freaked me out {{have I mentioned I'm a control freak??}} This time I haven't stressed about adding another little body to our family at all. She'll come and we'll adjust and then it'll feel like she was always here, just like it did with Bug.

I'm done boring you...Just another miscellaneous Monday here at a thousand days of choas.

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