Friday, September 9, 2011

Megs and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, week

The last week has been one comically bad incident after another. Such is life, or my life at least. J left for NTC last week. Of course, I knew we would miss him, I wasn't expecting it to have such an effect on our kid. I'm a pretty understanding military spouse. I try to keep my cool when he's gone and not lose my grip. You can miss your spouse without crawling into bed and crying until they come home. You have to, there is no other option. This understanding allows me to be able to handle a lot of things without cracking from stress. Unfortunately, all the understanding in the world doesn't make my two year old understand whats going on. All she wants is her Daddy. As her Mom, All I want is for her to be happy. Try making that happen when he's 3,000 miles away. I can handle almost anything, but my two year old crying for her daddy and calling for him by name is just too much. Top that with a good sit in front of his picture crying for him and suddenly I can't handle the situation any more and I'm a crying wreck {{seriously, if you saw it and didn't cry I would think you had no heart}}. Luckily for me, he answered when I called that time and he was able to calm us both down, AND we happened to have moved into a pretty awesome neighborhood and when I posted about the situation on FB a couple of neighbors came to my rescue with Daddy-dolls. Not anywhere near as exciting as real Daddy, but it seems to do the trick at bedtime and any other time of day she asks for him.

This isn't the only thing thats gone wrong this week. Last Saturday, while going on post to go grocery shopping my ID was confiscated because it expired two weeks ago. Whoops. I had told J a few times in July we needed to get it taken care of and then between the move and NTC, I flaked on the matter and he's well, a man {{Yes, yes. I know his job is Busy and I don't need to hear it}} and it got forgotten. Until they confiscated it. By the way, this was the day after he left. The gate gaurd was very nice about it. Explained what I needed to do and prepared me for the fact that they probably wouldn't issue me a new one without him. This week has been busy and I wasn't able to get to the ID office until yesterday where not only would they not issue me a new one, they dished out a nice lengthly lecture about how I "let" my husband leave without giving me a POA and how irresponsible it was for him to leave me "not squared away" {{thats a military post term}}. Then, because that lecture apparently wasn't good enough, they sent me to someone else who re-itterated the WHOLE schpeal. {{Awesome.}}

Another thing thats happened this week is that baby brain has doubled since my husband left and I've locked myself out of my house. Twice. Actually, Bug did it once {{she closed and locked the sliding door after I had gone through it}} and she was nice enough to let me back in before I had time to panic. The other time was purely my fault. Our front door has one of those knobs that turns on the inside whether the door is locked or not. Yesterday, the door bell rang and to keep the kid and the dogs safely away from the mail-lady I went out and pulled the door shut behind me. {{Doh!}} I took my package and mail around to find what I already knew, the sliding glass door was locked as well. As was the vehicle where the garage door opener is. Peeeerfect. THANKFULLY, I had my phone in my hand and my wonderful neighbor answered before visions of the fire department beaking into my house where my screaming kid stood waiting, could take over my brain. My neighbor walked to the front of the house and was able to talk Bug into twisting the doorknob enough she could push it open. Our neighbor now has a house key.

The last comically-bad thing I dealt with this week was having to clean a kitchen floor full of bugs {{not to be confused with my Bug}} on Wednesday. Before coffee. Maybe you know this about me, maybe you dont: I don't do much of anything BEFORE coffee. Coming down stairs to a crawling kitchen floor was definitely not how I had hoped to start my Wednesday. After consulting a man and he an exterminator, it was determined that I was "lucky." Apparently, they were after whatever was in the trash can {{a situation I've never had to deal with before}} and if I had come downstairs even an hour later I would have had to clean twice as many bugs and my trash can would have been swarmed. Also, there is a good chance if that were the case, I would have had to pack up and leave until J got home.

There are some shining lights here: 1.) I'm laughing about it all now. At least I have a good sense of humor and even on the worst day I can still maintain proper perspective - things could ALWAYS be worse. 2.) I have AWESOME neighbors. Bug and I have been spending a lot of time with one family in particular who have been so great to us this week. But they aren't the only ones, it was wicked sweet for every one to pitch in when Rylee was having her Daddy-meltdown and its just good reinforcement that we moved into the right neighborhood.

If we couldn't laugh we just would go insane
If we weren't all crazy we would go insane - Jimmy Buffet

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Alayna's Creations said...

Well I'm glad you could join us Wed and this morning, despite all the craziness :) Some days you just have to melt down, then you shake it off and get on with enjoying life as much as possible