Monday, October 10, 2011

There is something about pregnancy, that makes a woman "public domain". I don't know why we do it, but once we've had a child, a woman is suddenly an expert and thinks they should bestow upon the pregnant people around them ALL of their wisdom {{even especially the horrible terrifying stuff}}. It's not usually a bad thing. I have certainly given my fare share of advice and even caught myself on one {{or more}} occassions saying something unnecessary to a pregnant woman. I always feel like a jerk afterwards. I don't know what it is about other pregnant people that gives you diarrhea of the mouth, do you?

Thursday I had a 2.0 check-up. We are doing good. Almost to the finish line. Only one small 'thing' that might not be a 'thing' at all: 2.0 is sitting happily where she's been this whole time, my pelvis. No really, she's actually SITTING in my pelvis, with her back to mine as it would happen. A breech baby at 35 weeks isn't really that alarming. More of just something to watch. The doctor said at my next appointment I'll have an ultrasound to double check and then we'll discuss our options. There is still time for her turn but I need to note that she has been sitting this way for the whole of the pregnancy. It's possible she may not.

I'm not stressed about it. I'm REALLY not. There happens to be a great number of things that happen to us in life that we can't control. When and how we go into labor is one of them. Even as a control freak, I own this. If she turns, great. If not, oh well. Pro's and cons to each side. Whatever.

Friday, I was discussing this with the lady that does my hair. {{My hair needed some attention and, yes, it looks FABULOUS!}} She was appauled at my 'whatever' attitude on the subject and then gave me a 45 minute lecture on why I NEED to have 2.0 all natural. I am ALL FOR you Mama's that can do the all natural thing. More power to you. I'm all for the Mama's that chose epidurals, water births, births at home outside or on the beach. Even the Mama's that opt for cesarians from early on. Do your thing. It's yours. Do what you want with it. But do not tell me how I NEED to have mine, K? Especially when your lecture consists of a story about your own all natural birth that lasted TWO WHOLE HOURS and was 25 years ago. Luckily for her I had starbucks and a good amount of time to let my caffiene kick in so the Pregnancy Rage wouldn't. I was able to let it go and now I have fabulous hair.

Then on the way home a friend called and asked for an update to which I got the response, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY'LL DO TO YOU?!" Actually, no I've been living under a rock my whole life and have no clue what a c-section entails. Not to mention that first birth experience I had, which clearly amounts to nothing. We talk about it for a little while and after a few minutes of her telling me every AWFUL c-section story she had in her arsinal, I assured her that I wasn't stressed out about it {{Hell, it might not even happen! Why should I be?}} and since it was my gut, she shouldn't be either.

It's not that I don't appreciate the concern and see it for what it is. I do. But why do we jump to every awful story we've ever heard {{half of which probably are just a smidge overexaggerated}} instead of, "If your not stressing it, niether will I"? And what is it about birth plans that get people so worked up? Why should it matter to my hair dresser {{or any body else}} HOW my {{MY!}} baby is born? If she's healthy and I'm healthy then nothing else should really matter.

Just sayin...

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Katie said...

:) Hugs. I am very happy that you are so calm about it, and you know me. There are things you can try to turn baby, and I'm here if you want to ask. Otherwise, rock the cute hair!