Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Shoe Day

For as long as I can remember, I've loved shoes. Picking them out, thinking about the clothes they'd go with, the fantastic times I'd have wearing them. I LOVE shoes. Not just affordable ones either. Christian Louboutin's? Yes, please! Jimmy Choo? I do! Do I care that they are a thousand dollars a pair {{give or take a few hundred dollars}}? No I don't {{because I'm too cheap to buy them, but if I wasn't I would own a room full!}}

There was a time in my life when it was nothing for me to wear 4 or 5 inch heels all day long, every day. I even put heels on once to go put gas in my car {{They make you feel sexy & look skinnier. What girl doesn't want that?}} But my life has come a long way from that and now I'm lucky to get a shower and put make up on in the morning. I've lost a lot of that Me. Not that I mind growoing up and not basing my purchases around which club I'd be wearing what to. It's just that if that me, met this me on the street, she'd be a little lot surprised. But I still like to throw in a sexy shoe every now and then to mix it up a bit.

In February I joined to buy an AWESOME pair of shoes for the military ball we were attending. I wore a black dress and since it was black I thought I'd throw in some color {{and awesomeness}} with my shoes.

Since then, every month I've had the pleasure of what I've deemed "New Shoe Day". They are inexpensive, sexy, high and mostly, really impractical for a mother of two small children. However, once a month I open my front door and for five minutes while I squeal and walk around in them, I am some thing more than Mommy, a maid, and a walking bottle.

She may not get to come out very often but the Megs I used to be is still there, screaming for me to rock some awesome shoes.

This month's pick:

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