Sunday, January 29, 2012

Best Moments of Motherhood

When you stop what your doing, where you're doing it, because you can hear your two year old coming up the stairs saying, "It's ok. I just spill it. It's ok. I just spill it." over and over again. And you can't be mad she's left a trail all the way up the stairs because she was bringing her daddy his coffee {{at 3pm after it had been sitting on the table since breakfast}}.

Listening to your husband and your two year old singing, "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" over and over together while they are laughing about how fast they are going.

"NO! I do it! I DOOO IIIITTT!!!" When she wants to feed her baby sister, put her own shoes on and cook us dinner.

When I've just spent the last 20 minutes picking up and vacuuming the family room, only to go to the bathroom and come back having some how missed the cyclone that has swept through our house.

Putting something down and being SUPER DUPER ECSTATIC when it is still where I left it the next time I need it.

Having a meaningful conversation with my infant.

When, "I not sure." Becomes the answer to any question asked, even if it wasn't yes or no.

When the whole house is asleep and you've rocked your 12 week old {{eek! How can that be?!}} for 30 minutes and she spits out her pacifier and smiles when you ask her if she can go to sleep now. {{Guess not.}}

Typing out a blog one handed while you try and get your baby to sleep, while she's cooing, gooing and making all sorts of other girlish noises and then is suddenly ticked off you've kept her up so long.

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