Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great Crayon War

Thanks to a certain two year old, We have had to remove all the crayons from our house. It started with some stairwell "artwork". It happened about a week after we moved in and the result was me having to paint a stairwell.

Shortly thereafter {{and two walls later}} we decided it would be best if the crayons went into "hiding" until Bug was just a little bit older. Apparently, in two year old terms this. Meant. War. Since then, whenever her pudgy little fingers find something that writes, she has tagged a new wall in the house.

One in the living room

And EVERY SINGLE Wall in her bedroom.

And just in case you were wondering, the walls are painted in flat paint. You can't wash flat paint. It just gets to stay this way until I can paint it. I hope the two parties in this war can come to a quick agreement and resolve the issues while there are still un tagged walls in the house. Until then we'll just admire her handiwork.

Mom and Dad: 0. Bug: 8.

1 comment:

Marion said...

Hi, Not having little artists I can only ocngratualte you for admiring her work instead of killing her. Maybe she can be ocntained to the bedroom walls and you can paint them when she goes to school? lopve, Marion