Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Workout Check In

I really enjoyed the first week of P90X {{despite elbowing myself in the face and crashing head first into the couch}}. So far, my favorite video is Cardio X. It's a lot of fun and it goes so fast that at the end you don't even know it has been an hour. All that being said, I haven't done a video since Wed of last week {{would have been day 10}}. This head/chest cold that has engulfed the entire house has totally knocked me out! Yesterday we had to take 2.0 to the ER to have her checked for RSV because she was so stuffed up she was snorting {{she is ok and they just told us to spray her nose then suck it out. Things she should hate but it must help because she just lets us do it.}}

The good news is that even though I haven't done P90X, I've had the worst case of the can't-sit-stills. I painted two walls in the living room on Wednesday. Rearranged our entire bedroom and closet on Thursday and then 2.0 and I got some major use out of the moby, running errands on Friday. Saturday we watched the first round of guys leave {{:( womp, womp}} which kicks off the beginning of this deployment. I was glad we were able to be there though. It was nice to support the guys leaving and to be there for a good friend. Am I sick? Definitely. Sitting on my butt? Not necessarily. Sunday it did all catch up with me and I spent a good amount of the chilly afternoon cuddled up with 2.0. I FINALLY felt better enough last night to get in some elliptical time. And this morning I got a nice long walk in with some of my neighbors.

I am hoping to pick P90X back up where I left off tomorrow. It is amazing how much better about myself I felt just after one week of doing something. Adding the workouts to what I was already doing {{using myfitnessplanner.com}} has really helped the scale go in the right direction. Also, Not only is the scale going down, I measured myself this morning and I have already gotten results!

I'll post both of those numbers at the end of the month {{haha! You MUST stay tuned!}}

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