Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Need A Stylist

A free one. With a huge fabulous wardrobe {{*cough, cough* That ALSO needs to be free.}}

{{First, I'd like to say thanks for all the thoughts yesterday. I just needed to process and I feel much better about everything today. It's how I dealt with the last one and I have found that quiet a few people handle deployments the same way: Ignore it when you can, process it when you have to. And, now, Back to our regularly scheduled program}}

Remember earlier when I said I wanted to do a regular feature post about fashion? I have been really excited thinking about all the posts I could will do. All the fun times I'll have and all the {{deployment}} time it will take up. Yay! Fashion! Style!

Then this morning, I woke up and remembered that I have none. Style, that is. For the majority of the last three years I have been wearing maternity clothes {{yes even after I lost the baby weight from bug}} and barn-safe-wear. Any style I may have had prior to having children is getting {{gulp}} old {{I just threw up in my throat a little bit}}.

In the 'olden' days {{aka before I had kids}} I used to shop at BEBE, Arden B, and Buckle - before they sold out {{and yes, they did}}. All of the style that I had came from my friends and the people around me. Now, I throw on jeans, any shirt that will hide a muffin top {{and/or spit up, if I'm lucky}}, throw on some tennis shoes {{my 21 year old self just gasped in my head}} and go. If I went off of environmental cues now, I would live in yoga pants and baggy t-shirts. I REFUSE {{Reapeat, REFUSE}} to fall into that category of house wife. There are too many wicked adorable pairs of shoes in my closet for me to give up on life and start living in elastic wasted pants and tennis shoes.

And, so, I have identified the problem. Now it's time to figure out the solution. While I try and figure out where to start on that, I can at least share this months super awesome New Shoe Day pick:

Eek! I love them! I threw on black tights to hide my seriously white skin and to help show off the color of the shoes. I have been looking for a nude colored pair of heels since they became popular and these were on sale for $19.95!!

At least my feet have style.

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