Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Step One: A Wardrobe Reno

Since I have nothing entirely pressing to discuss today I think I'll talk about one of my favorite subjects: Clothes. I have been doing a ton of googling recently for Fashion Fabulousness inspiration. It has been helpful and a little annoying. It has helped me decide on what I want to do for a monthly fashion feature {{more to come on that later}}, but its also annoying how people with loads of money just throw out, "Go buy, this, this and this and you'll be fabulous!" Ummm... yea. I'm a SAHM and a military spouse. Can a girl get some coupons or something?

Almost every search I have done for redoing a wardrobe has started by cleaning out your closet. One list said to throw out/donate any clothes that hasn't fit or hasn't fit well, you haven't worn, or touched in the last 6 months {{since I *was* pregnant and all, I'm going to count the six months prior to the conception of 2.0}}. Another List said to throw out any stained or holey clothing {{that's not meant to be that way}}. Another said to get rid of anything you've had since high school...Well, there goes almost every thing in my closet {{except for the shoes}}.

In lieu of going about the world nekked {{but with fabulous shoes!}}, I decided to get rid of the following things:

~ Anything stained and or ripped. I have enough t-shirts {{thanks to J's stint as a DS I have a lot of unit shirts with his name on them}} and pj/yoga-ish pants that I don't have to worry about not having clothes for painting, gardening or any other dirty activity. All those torn and stained clothes can be tossed.

~ Clothes that I have had for longer than my marriage {{not including jeans}}. Out of style and haven't fit in awhile and none of them weren't replaceable. Goodbye.

~ Some, I repeat SOME, of my maternity clothes. I had told my friend that I was getting rid of all things maternity, lest they curse bless me after we've decided we are done. She said that was a bad idea and told me about how surely getting rid of maternity clothes will equal to another baby. Perplexed by both sides, I met myself in the middle and got rid of the things I never wore, were also torn or stained and gave away what I could.

~ I also went through my top drawer {{yes, that one}}. I think a lot of people forget to clean that one out when they are sifting through old clothes. After two babies and a cumulative total of a hundred pounds gained {{and hopefully that much plus some will be lost}} its pretty necessary to clean out that drawer. Besides what better way to thank yourself for pushing out two babies & losing weight and toning up than new lacies? {{I've checked, there isn't one!}}

~ What's left: Some nice shirts that {{hopefully}} will fit soon, some timeless professional clothes, all of my dresses and all of my jeans.

If you've made it this far and your closet is a little barren {{like mine. Sad, sad, closet.}} now you're wondering, what next?

Yay! Now to the fun part filling it back up!! But with whaaaat...?

Stay tuned for step two in Fashion Fabulousness.


Bonnie said...

I am getting rid of ALL my maternity clothes after Delilah is born. I'm done having kids. My tubes are getting tied and Zack's "man junk" is getting the big snip-a-roo after he gets back from Texas.

I'm looking forward to cleaning out my closet (and top drawer ;), getting this weight off and buying some new clothes :D

Jamie said...

I am really bad about throwing clothes away. I always imagine that I am going to want them again (costume party, perhaps?!). The only drawer I am good about going through is my "top drawer" but thats probably because I only buy cheap unmentionables (Ross).