Monday, January 23, 2012

Adventures in Toddler Land

We have tried everything to get Bug into using her big girl potty. I've tried the cute Princess undies, talking to her about what a big girl she is and even showing her by taking her to the bathroom with me. We spent the whole day Saturday with her sporting her Tinkle Bell underoos.

I don't know why I thought it would be easy, but I did. You know, "Here's the toilet, the paper, a book. Make it happen. Call me when you're finished." Instead, we followed her around all day and had to talk her into sitting even for a minute. One time we got her to sit for a good 20 minutes. At the end of it I knew she had to sit longer because as soon as she got up she would pee. Guess what? Yup, as soon as she hit the carpet, she peed. Everywhere.

After that little episode {{Where Mommy had to figure out how to be nice without turning to booze}} I decided to try and figure out ways to keep her on the potty until she actually went potty. Here is what we tried:

Reading her Abby Caddabby Potty Time Book {{four thousand times}}

Apple juice. Lots and lots of apple juice.

I painted her toes. Then mine. Then her fingers.

Playtime with her favorite toys.

And, of course, good old fashioned bribery with our M&M jar.

Two: The number of times she made the potty sing.

Six: The number of times we changed her into new undies throughout the day.

Four: The number of times she asked for her diaper back {{womp, womp}}.

{{On a completely unrelated side note}} 2.0 is 11 weeks old today. She is getting so big and has added so much love to our house {{as shown in this pic - ha!}} I can't believe she is almost three months old <3

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Semper Wifey said...

Oooh, potty training! I'm scared to start that with my little one! Good luck! Thanks for linking up at Military Monday today! :)