Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday 5

It's Thursday 5 Day! Click the picture and go link up!


I am SOOOO Happy to have such GREAT neighbor-friends! I love our walks and our chats! We are lucky!

I am Thrilled to say that even though Tony Horton and I broke up, I have still been able to get good workouts in every day and stay focused on my goals!

I am Joyed. But how could I not be?

I am Ecstatic that I get to see my BFF soon!! Her and her spouse are currently stationed in Alaska and it has been quite a while since I got to see her and I can't WAIT!! Plus, she may be able to be present when J leaves. It's not a for sure thing yet, but we all know how much better it is to have a good friend around when dealing with deployments.

I am Elated. We did our taxes & there isn't much that is more elating than a tax return!

Have a Great Day!

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Nicole said...

I wish I was elated about our tax returns! We have been to H&R Block TWICE this week and I'm seeing another night there in the near future. SO frustrating!!!

Thanks for linking up! :)