Friday, April 29, 2011

No $h-- there I was... *cuss word warning*

Typing a blog about all the chaos our growing little family is about to endure in the next few weeks and all our plans {which we has just agreed on YESTERDAY}, when in walks my husband, "I've got bad news." The look on his face tells me this isn't the normal, 'oops, I forgot to put out the garbage can' bad news. Or the 'Gas went up another .20' bad news. Damn. I give him the let's-have-it look and he goes on, "They pushed my report date to Bragg back a month. To the end of August." What may have started as in inward groan becomes a very outward groan and I roll my eyes. Not at my husband but at the situation. "Fucking Lawton!" People have been telling us since we got here to be careful abou this place. "Watch out! It'll suck you in and some how never let you leave!" Ok I'm being dramatic. It's not that we're never leaving. It's just that now we have to stay for an extra 6 weeks.

For those of you who may not be tracking why this is an issue, I'll start at the top: The first MAJOR issue with having to stay another month is as of May 23rd WE ARE HOMELESS!! J was supposed to take his hat off as of May 31st which meant we had about 2 1/2 weeks of taking over a friend's house before we were to get on the road and leave this dump in the dust. Our plans {{YESTERDAY}} were that Bug and I would take the last opportunity for her and I to travel for the cost of one, to go see my madre and the rest of our family in CA for a couple weeks. Then when we were finished with a nice relaxing visit, we'd fly to NC and J would meet us there. Probably around the 5th-ish of the month. Easiest on everyone. Only J and the dogs have to crash at his friend's house and only J and the dogs have to be in the car for two days straight on the drive from OK. Well NOW, J won't be taking his hat off until the damn end of July. The crappy thing is I'm pretty sure they won't ship out stuff this early which means we'll have to move ourselves to storage until then.

We have options. Quite a few of them. Lack of options is not what stresses me out about this situation. The problem is that 2/3s of our options means Bug and I will be away from J until he can out process from Ft. Sill in July. To civilian families being apart from one another this amount a time probably doesn't seem like an issue. But any military family knows that being apart any length of time sucks because there is ALWAYS an impending deployment. That's right, we're expecting J to leave at some point in the fall {{the name of this blog wasn't just a clever take on life}}, which means Bug and I would be away from him over the summer and then, the two of us plus aother, would be away from him for a deployment.

I've had people asking me the same questions I have spinning through my head all morning until I thought my head would explode. I don't know what we'll do, or how things will work out, I just know they will. I also know this is somewhat our fault. We made a plan and plans and the military never work out. Grace under pressure is one of the key characteristics of a military spouse.

Time to try again.


The Sometimes Single Mom said...

I'd like to take this opportunity to (figuratively) beat my head against a wall for you.

Jessica said...

awe megs!! I totally thought there would be more cuss words lol

Uncork and Unwined said...

Bum-mer! Geez, that really does suck. =/