Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ready or Not...

Big dramatic-running-around-like-a-chicken-with-my-head-cut-off-need-to-talk-to-my-mommy-meltdown over and reality and silver lining set in; we have a new NEW plan. We are using the term "plan" loosely as things are bound to change again before it all comes to fruition, anyways. All of it wouldn't be so bad if something hadn't happened to April. Did you catch it? It was here but I sat on the couch and ignored my life for the entire month and now it's May. I had all this time to do things and be organized and make my lists. But I didn't. And now it's May 3rd and nothing is done and there is SO much to do and I don't have the desire to do any of it. Just thinking about the next 8 weeks exhausts me.

Having come to terms with the fact that J and I will be apart for almost the entire month of June, most of July and the last ten days of May, I'm feeling a lot less stress about the situation than I was. It sucks. It's not ideal. We'd rather be together, but by being in two separate states we'll be able to accomplish more than if I stayed and waited on him. Plus without our things, school, can't ride, soon it will be too hot to enjoy barn time and J at work, what would I do with myself during that time anyway? So, Bug and I are taking our trip to CA, which will include a quick road trip to Portland and stop over in AZ on our way home. Then when we get back to OK, we'll pack up our Jeep and Bug and I will head out on a road trip to NC. Donkey & Shrek off on a whirlwind adventure. I'll let you figure out who is who.

Our job once we get to NC is to find us a house. STAT. The sooner I decide on one that we'll love, the sooner we'll close on it. Which hopefully will work out so that by the time J gets there, we'll be only a week or two from closing. Much better for the delivery of our stuff. Much better than waiting until August to choose a house and then gambling with the fact that we could be closing on a house AFTER we have Baby 2.0. That would be bad. I'm sure the friends we will be staying with love us, I'm not sure it's *that* much! After I find us a house, I will look for a job. Picking up my associates degree will hopefully help me find something decent but, honestly, I'm not holding my breathe. I'm not too sure how successful I'll be getting a job and being 6 months pregnant. If I was in HR and interviewing people, I would run from me.

That's the whole chaotic mess. In there somewhere, we're supposed to have a yard sale, pack for the 5 different things and places our stuff is going to need to go, move out of a house, sell a house, move J in with a friend, have an OB appt ((or 2)), and two finals. Am I Ready for all of this?

Ready or not, here I go.


Nicole said...

Speaking from experience, I landed my first job as a nurse a 7 months pregnant, and actually received two job offers that week, but that was after months of searching. Most people do run the other way. One of the offerers claimed they didnt know, the other knew. They can not legally deny you a job because you are pregnant BUT they can easily make up another excuse.

PS does your trip to CA include a visit with your cousin??

Marion said...

Hi, Marion here. I saw your blog while reading Ashley and Joe's adventure. So glad you could help her get started on her blog. Goodness, you have much good news and much stress for a few months. Your trip sounds like fun, "Bug" is beautiful and I'm glad you will be back in NC soon. Sorry you three will not be together for so many weeks; it will make the homecoming even sweeter.