Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life ADD

Have you ever had Life A.D.D?

Let me explain:

I sit down to blog and think I should start laundry first.

I go to get laundry to the wash and think I need water, to the kitchen I go.

Go to the kitchen for water and think I should refill baby bottle, back up stairs.

Walk into the bonus room and find Bug's books are everywhere so I start picking them up.

Books? I need to go back to college. I should get online and look into it. Online? Oh crap, I need to blog.

See computer and think I need to sit down and start a logo I am working on.

I sit down to work on logo and see Bug's sippy I promised to refill.

I Go down stairs fill sippy. Forgot the bottle. Go back upstairs.

Realize I need to take the trash out and the laundry basket is still sitting in the middle of my room.

Look at Bug who asks for lunch.

Making Bug lunch I remember how hungry I am.

2.0 cries. Damn! Her bottle! Get bottle. Feed 2.0 and Bug.

Walk into bonus room again. See books still on the floor, open laptop on couch and the laundry basket still in the middle of the floor.

See elliptical.

Elliptical? Fourty minutes to center myself?

Yes, please!

{{then maybe lunch}}

1 comment:

Jes said...

This happens to me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! And I don't have children yet!